Outback Detox – Take One

I made it well into my second day, then hit a rough patch and caved immediately. I spent the day getting high, blowing through the last of my emergency stash. 

Tapering has never worked for me, I don’t have that kind of self discipline.  I start out with good intentions, but once I’ve had a little, I want more.  Then it’s back to the races. 

So now I’m in a real predicament, I’ve absolutely no dope and I’m literally in the middle of nowhere.  

This is exactly how the addict mind works; I’ll take all these now and tomorrow will work itself out.  Your mind can always find a way to justify it. Of course, I’ve only put off the inevitable once again. 

Night draws down and the dope is wearing off.  


Here we go again…..

4 thoughts on “Outback Detox – Take One

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  1. You CAN do this Teash. You are one of the most determined people I have the pleasure of calling a friend. Go easy on yourself and know that there are plenty of us you can call or message if you need a listening ear to get you through the storm.

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    1. I’m on day four now, publishing these now I’m back on the grid. I’m still doing it pretty hard, but white knuckling it for now. Hardest thing I’ve ever done.


  2. You are so much braver than I could ever hope to be!! At least you are self aware and are attempting at least. That counts for something! It counts for alot!

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