Perth, Western Australia 

I’ve enjoyed my little break in Perth the last couple of weeks. Definitely a very welcome break from all this driving! I’ve been camped in the backyard of a friend in Thornlie, a suburb of Perth.  

Jo and I have been longtime online friends, so it was high time I paid her a visit to meet in real life.  I felt so welcome and right at home from the moment I arrived. Leo and Kiara also hit it off and were soon very firm friends. 

Thanks a lot Jo, Reg and Kiara, it was awesome to meet you all. I had a great time and truly felt at home. I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for being my West Coast home base.   

I had a great time looking around Perth.  It really is a nice little city.  It is rather small, for a capital city, and very laid back.  Fremantle was a highlight. It was good wandering around there soaking up the colour, especially with locals to guide me around. 

Freemantle by night. 

Perth city skyline by night. 

Beautiful big tree wrapped in fairy lights in Fremantle. 

Walking the sandbar.

By the sea. 

This is the sun setting over the ocean.  First time I have seen this, being the easterner that I am.  It was really something to see.  Up there as one of my West Coast highlights. 

Perth skyline. 

Perth is very colorful by night.  Lots of beautiful attractions to be found. 

Next up, I’m moving further north up the coast to Geraldton. 

Until next time Perth, stay cool. 

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