Outback South Australia

What an adventure! 

I’ve now clocked up 1372km, from Young NSW to Kimba S.A.  Kimba’s claim to fame is ‘Halfway Across Australia’. Not quite halfway for me though, it’s a long way to Perth!  It’s taken me a week of straight driving to get this far.  

South Australia is new territory for me.  I’ve dipped my toe across the border on a previous trip, but it’s been really good to drive clean across the state.  I’m also quite fond of the outback.  I love the solitude and isolation.  The desert also has a real beauty of its own. 

My favorite thing about the outback though, the night sky.  You have not seen the stars until you’ve seen them from the outback.  

I’ve spent Christmas out here at Kimba. I’ve grown a little fond of this town.  The local free camp is even equipped with a shower! That is total luxury for this life and a real blessing in the extreme heat.  Today has been a welcome relief as it has cooled off significantly, after the high temperatures of the previous week.  Poor Leo struggles with the heat and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to keep him cool. 

I’ve found wrapping him in wet towels helps him a lot, between wet downs under the tap.  

It’s been nice to stop and relax for the couple of days over Christmas.  We explored a walking trail today and came across a shingleback lizard. 

They lay very still and just hope you don’t see them.  It works, Leo walked straight past him and I almost did too.  

We’ll be back out on the road tomorrow. Coming up on the Great Australian Bite, which I’m really looking forward to.  Then it’s on to Ceduna, our last stop before we head out across the Nullabor and on into Western Australia.  


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