On The Road Again

After spending a week with my daughter and son-in-law, camping in their backyard, I’m now back out on the road.  I’ve had time to recoup, stock up on supplies and make some repairs to my setup, but it’s always good to hit the asphalt again.  

This trip is a big adventure, even for me.  From Young, NSW to Perth in Western Australia. 

3602km. That will take me through the Nullabor, the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, possibly the world.  My route through the Nullabor runs for 1199km of desert.  It will also take me past the Great Australian Bite.  So stay tuned for some spectacular photography to come.  

My first day back out on the roads has been a good one.  Not far into my journey, I came across a brother riding his thumb on the side of the road.  Yes, I pick up hitchhikers, and have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people in this way.  Today’s ride was no exception. 

This is Keith, a self proclaimed ‘old hippie’. He is 68 and rides his thumb around the country.  He is a free spirit and an artist.  

His turn off was only a couple of km’s further up the road, but when he told me he’d waited five hours for this ride, in the heat too, I decided to do a good deed and take him to his next destination.  It was a 120km detour for me, but meh, what’s that compared to the many miles I have ahead of me! I really enjoyed his company to, so it was a good deal.  

But this is why I gave up on making travel plans after my first ever trip, driving the Great Ocean Road.  Stuff happens, people and attractions pop up.  I prefer to just let the road take me where and when it will.  I find being spontaneous opens the way for a lot more adventure and some pretty amazing finds along the way. 

Tonight sees me camped in the tiny little town of Weethalle.  Not much here, but the locals are very friendly and the stars are so bright and clear. 

But tomorrow, onwards and westwards we go.  

Happy trails. 

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