Dreadlock Progress Pics – Eight Months

Eight months as a dreadhead and all is going very smoothly, or should I say knotty.
Very little maintenance required at this stage.


I pull in a few loose hairs at the roots every now and again, if I find really obvious bits sticking out.
I have a few problem hairs at the base of my hairline, but I’ve just decided to leave them till they get a bit longer and will stay put.
I was a bit of a control freak the first few months, but I’ve relaxed a lot now and just let them do their thing.

The only real regular maintenance I am doing now is moisturizing.
Dread Head HQ‘s Dread Butter is definitely my favorite, it smells divine and really softens my locs up.
If I get slack with the Butter, they tend to get stiff and wiry, which doesn’t feel so good.

They say you haven’t really had dreadlocks until you’ve had them for twelve months, another four months and I will have hit that big milestone.
I don’t realize how much they have progressed until I take my progress shots.
Looking at these, I can see how much they have tightened up and actually look like dreads, rather than a bunch of knots.


I think they are beginning to gain back a little of the length I lost over the last few months too.
It’s not much, but they sit below my shoulders again now.
In many ways, I’m looking forward to having long dreadlocks, but I do like them at this length.
Being shorter, it makes them much easier to dry after washing or swimming, but that’s not too much of a worry throughout summer anyway.
I do like thicker locs, but the thought of all that drying time decided me on going that little bit thinner.

Drying dreads is crucial.
If they are left wet for too long, they will start to grow mildew and smell really bad.
But at this thickness, that is not such a worry, as I can get them dry again relatively quickly.
Throughout summer, just thoroughly squeezing out excess water is enough and they dry pretty fast on their own from there.
A quick hit with a hair dryer has them dry in no time too.

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  1. 😀 when i was shopping for food today a girl with really long but also really thin dreads was standing in front of me, made me think about all the different ways of dreads i have been reading about on your blog and other fresh-dreaded people XD

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