Dreadlock Tidy Up


These two pictures are taken two weeks apart, with a lot of work with a crochet hook in between.
I hadn’t realized what a difference it was making until I compared these two pictures.

Crocheting dreadlocks is pretty much what it sounds like, working down and around the dread, hooking loose hairs back into their proper place.
Not only does this tidy up the overall look, but it also tightens up the dread quite dramatically.

Crocheting dreads has a bit of a bad rap around the internet.
But if it is done properly, and most importantly, with the right hook, it is perfectly safe.
Horror stories abound of dreadlocks completely falling out after crocheting, due to hair breakage, and I don’t doubt that this happens.
Working too tight and close to the scalp can be a factor, but using the wrong hook is likely the biggest culprit.
If you are going to crochet your dreads, please invest in the right tool for the job, not a hook that is made solely for crafting.

I still have a lot to do, I have around ninety dreads, but I’m making steady progress.
Looking at these pictures side by side, gives me the motivation to keep slugging along.
I try and get at least a few done each day, and sometimes I’ll sit and have a good go at them while I watch a movie or something.

Tidy dreadlocks certainly take patience and perseverance, but as I like working with my hands, I quite enjoy this kind of maintenance.
I usually have a knit or crochet project in my hands, so working my dreads really isn’t that different.
The end result gives that same satisfaction .

4 thoughts on “Dreadlock Tidy Up

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  1. I have about one fourty dreads on my head. I haven’t thought of this. Will give it a try. Just wondering though ,how do I know the right hook to use?


    1. Yep. Had a few more, but I’ve combined a couple. I have really thick hair. We sectioned my hair into one inch lots, and came out with over ninety. I’ll have to count them again, but would be around the ninety mark


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