Dread Beading and Crochet Maintenance


I have a few dreadlocks that are too small for my liking.
As I am currently working at crocheting all my loose hairs back into place, I am stitching these wee little dreads together or into their smaller neighbors.
I got a little creative with this one, and wound this tiger eye bead into the center.
I love these stone beads, but they come in a large size, and I only have one dread that they will fit on, this method solves the problem.
As I stitched these two together, I added the bead in and wound the dreads back through it, then finished locking them together.
It now looks like the bead sits inside the dread.
Two dreadlocks that I didn’t like have now become my favorite dread!
(Yep, I do have favorites.)

Crocheting is quite an arduous task, but is well worth the effort.
As well as pulling in the loose hairs that look very untidy, it has the effect of tightening the dreads and adding more hair back in to the center where it needs to be.
Every strand matters, as the more hair strands that are in a dread, the more there is to knot together and lock up.
I will post a progress picture when I get some more done, as the difference is very evident.

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