Dreading It


Here I am with my dreadlocks now three months old.
They have come a long way in that time, especially these last few weeks.

I am no longer waxing them, only adding a dab here and there if i need to give some new knots a head start.
The heavy duty palm rolling is behind me, and I’m now only rolling the ones that have zigzags and need a little help.
Zig zags aren’t a bad thing, they are a sign that the dread is really starting to lock up.
As some areas of the dread tighten faster than others, the result is a dread that appears to zigzag.


I only have two that have noticeably grown like this, and I wouldn’t mind keeping them, it is inclusions such as this that add character.
Otherwise, palm rolling and the progressive tightening of the dread, over time, will straighten up these wayward sections.

I am still pulling in the ends to blunt the tips.
The loss of length hasn’t been as noticeable as I had thought.
I was a bit put off with this aspect, when I made the choice to blunt the tips, but I am looking at it as though I am working a sculpture, the long term gains and vision are my guide.
Blunt tips are definitely the look I want, as my dreadies get longer.

One question I get asked a lot, ‘How do you get rid of them?’
Well, you can comb them out, though that would be such a tedious job that it doesn’t bear contemplating!
Most people just shave their heads.
This doesn’t concern me though, as I don’t plan on ‘getting rid of them’.

I have wanted to dread my hair since I was a teenager.
Now, at almost thirty five, I know I want these dreads, this permanent hair style, not as a fashion trend, but as something that is just a part of who I am.
I think of dreads like getting a tattoo, if you’re going into it thinking that you can always get it removed, you’re best to stick with the temporary variety.
Same with dreads, if this was a fickle fashion statement, I’d just invest in some dread falls!

One of the deciding factors in deciding to do this, was the permanence.
Now, after all the work I have put in, I am more than adamant that dreads are here to stay.

photo sourced from Pinterest

My vision of my far-off future as an old lady:
pottering about, growing herbs, brewing potions and reading tarot cards; all the while her long, grey dreadlocks are swaying about her.
I think I have the potential to make for one cool old lady, if not just a tad eccentric!

5 thoughts on “Dreading It

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  1. Ahhhh, I saw your stuff on the Dreadhead HQ site. Your dreadies look great! I am only 2 months in and I’m like you. My dreads make the outside of me look a lot more like the inside of me.


    1. Thank you. I’m almost a four months now, and will post an update for that next week. It sure is a journey, but been worth it all.


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