The Heart Of Witchcraft

What is Witchcraft?


Witchcraft is casting circle under the light of a full moon.

Drawing up the energy of the earth, feeling it flow into your body, your soul.

Feeling earth energy merge into your own, your very being.

Feeling that energy pour from your body, to create a sphere of protection, of harmony.


Witchcraft is calling upon the elements that sustain life.

Feeling the breeze in your hair, on your face.

Feeling the wind cleanse your soul.


Feeling the solid earth beneath your feet.

Becoming still, becoming grounded, becoming as ancient stone.

2014-11-06 12.00.25

Feeling the gentle caress of water, reflecting moonlight in its depths.

The soft, pliant energy of the heart.

Feeling sadness, joy, all emotion together as one.


Feeling the heat of the summer sun.

The joy of adventure, the heat of desire.


Feeling it all entwine, come together, encircle you, empower you.

Feeling balanced, complete, one with creation.

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Witchcraft is the full moon in a starlit sky, bathing you in its ethereal silver glow.

Witchcraft is the moon reflected on a silver blade.

It is calling down the moon, invoking the lunar Goddess.

Watching her descend, enclosed in her silver light.

Spiralling light, bathing, filling, replenishing.

It is feeling the power of the Goddess around you, within you, becoming one, becoming her.

Witchcraft is completeness, empowerment, joy, love and wild abandon.


Witchcraft is the Charge of The Goddess, spoken in a voice that is no longer quite your own.

It is hearing the tones of the moon, the Goddess, flowing from your tongue.

2014-11-06 11.35.38

Witchcraft is the Great Rite.

The flash of blade thrust into chalice.

It is power, energy, magick.

It is partaking of the blessing.

Red wine, filled with power.


Witchcraft is moonlight, firelight, candlelight.

It is energy, power, empowerment.

Witchcraft is casting circle under the light of the moon.

Witchcraft is the Goddess, joining, as one.

Witchcraft is becoming one with the universe and knowing your are, at this moment, at the centre of it all.

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