A Bead And A Prayer


I made these prayer beads today, after months of careful consideration and sourcing the perfect beads.
The pattern repeats nine times, a number of The Goddess, with each bead representing a Sabbat.
This loop is closed, representing the infinite nature of the Great Wheel.

The beads leading off the bottom to the tree pendant, represent the two faces of the Horned God and the Triple Goddess. 
The three smaller beads of hematite each side are for Hecate, my Matron Goddess.

I put a lot of thought into condensing each Sabbat into one bead, so that each brings to mind my personal connection with the changing seasons.
The tree pendant I found in a local shop, and knew it was perfect the moment I saw it.

Onyx represents Samhain.
Cats Eye is Yule.
Opalite Moonstone is Imbolc.
Amethyst is Ostara.
Aventurine is Beltane.
Carnelian is Litha (Midsummer)
Bloodstone is Lammas.
Tigers Eye is Mabon.

On the string is,
Carnelian for the bright, mature and strong God.
Bloodstone represents his sacrifice, his death.
Amethyst is the Maiden Goddess.
Lapis Lazuli, the Mother.
Onyx, the Crone.

I will use these beads for meditation and contemplation of the Sabbats and the Great Wheel.
It will also become a ritual necklace for seasonal rites.

I am so pleased with how it turned out, the months of planning and gathering paid off, as I wanted to make something special, but also that had a lot of meaning to me.
I am already contemplating making another, but with a different theme, seeing as I am so pleased with this one.

Now bring on the full moon, so as I can consecrate it and put it to use.

8 thoughts on “A Bead And A Prayer

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  1. Hi! I’m currently working on a blog post to publish soon on prayer beads and particularly pagan ones. I know that you’re busy, but if you have a little time, would you be able to speak to me about your creations of pagan prayer beads, your thoughts on it, and any tip/suggestions you can have for people interested in them? If not that’s perfectly fine. Thanks for your time ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessed be!


  2. Nice!

    Almost reminds me of the few Chakra Malas I made years ago. I like to use real, unadulterated stones because their energies are “more-true” to me.

    I like the example you have pictured here. I was looking to make another one with several 9-stone groups (to represent the nine dragon-clans), finished off with two for the God and Goddess and two more for the Guardians of Light and Darkness. Still planning on the design. It’s getting to the point where I will have to order my stone beads on-line. Most of the craft stores in my area are selling more of the “heat-treated” and dyed stones.


    – “Many Blessings to You.”

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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