Gaia Awakens


The plum trees in my backyard, are the first to don their colorful robes of Spring.
They certainly add a flush of beauty to my yard.

My Jasmine bushes are also very close to flowering.
I look forward to this all year, as the smell is divine.
Even bringing a little sprig of the flowers inside, fills the whole house with the beautiful aroma of Jasmine.


The trees have awakened, delicate green leaves in profusion.


The bottlebrush has grown it’s first flower of the year.
I recently discovered this tree is sacred to Aphrodite.
It is beautiful when in full bloom, so it’s nice to see that first flower appear.
I gave it a heavy pruning at Samhain, so it should yield well this year.


These flowers bloom all year round, but is at it’s best this time of year.
I have forgotten the name of this shrub for now and can’t find where I wrote it down.


I was also delighted to see my first bulb, Hyacinth, burst into flower.
I have many more soon to come, including a Black Tulip!
Can’t wait to see it in bloom.


Spring has certainly sprung in my little patch of the world.

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    1. No, that doesn’t sound familiar. I keep the tags in my diary. But this was planted last year, and I can’t find the diary it is in. It’s got me searching the house for it!


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