A Silver Bag of Tarot

Got busy today and made a bag for my new Silver Witchcraft Tarot cards.
I like to match the fabric to the feel of the deck, so it was quite handy that I had just made myself a shirt out of some lovely slinky silver material.
It is not quite finished yet, as I sew little charms onto the ends of the ribbons.
This bag definitely called for crescent moon charms.
Ordered some on Ebay, so I can put the finishing touch on when they arrive.
As an avid collector of Tarot cards, I have made quite a few of these now and can turn them out quickly and professionally.
Seriously considering making a few, out of the overflow of fabric I have accumulated, and putting them up for sale.
Be a good way to put a dent in my overstocked fabric cupboard and earn myself a little extra spending money.

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