The Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood


The Shamanic Witch focuses on combining the practices of Wicca and NeoShamanism.
The author does assume you have some experience in Wicca and skips the basics in regard to it,  which I liked.
From the Shamanic point, it starts at the beginning and it is here that I would have liked to have gone a bit deeper.

This was an interesting read, and I did enjoy it and learn from it.
Though, if you already have a bit of experience in both these areas, there might not be much here that is new to you,  other than some different ideas and another’s perspective.
Once you reach the parts about combining the two practices, it is mainly just incorporating totem animals into the directions and linking the upper and lower worlds to your circle.
There are some good ideas here though, and the ideas for journeys to take will be referred back to often, as will the various shamanic exercises.

Worst thing about this book, the repetitiveness in the second half.
Writing out her circle casting method once, and then referring back to it would have sufficed.
Towards the end, I found myself skipping over pages and pages of repeated information.
Not so good for reading the book through, but this would be handy when referring to the book, as what you need is all in one place, but for reading, it was annoying.

Overall The Shamanic Witch was a good book with some good ideas.
I’m glad to have read it.

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