H is for Hekate.
I started out writing this post as I usually do for Gods, Goddessess and Mythology, researching and writing a few myths and correspondences.
But for Hekate, my Matron Goddess, this didn’t feel right.
So, this post is written and sourced from my own experience with Hekate.

Hekate, Goddess of Crossroads, Magic, Witchcraft, The Night, Moon, Ghosts and Necromancy.
Hekate is guardian of the mysteries, of night-wandering souls, protector of the household and the newly born.
She holds sway over the three domains of heaven, earth and sea.
Hekate is a Goddess of great power, both feared and revered, and the matron Goddess of many a witch.
Hekate’s appeal to witches, both modern and ancient, lies in the vast reach of her powers.
Her Priestesses, Circe and Medea, were bestowed with the ability to raise the dead, to curse and to heal.
In modern practise, Hekate’s aspect as guide holds her in high stead.
With her torches held aloft, she guides one through the darkness and into the light, from ignorance to enlightenment.
She is a ‘Dark Goddess’, but is not of the darkness, she is the bearer of light within that darkness.

Hekate is also a Goddess of change.
She facilitates the biggest of our life changes, from childbirth, to death and rebirth.
Hekate guides departed souls towards their destination in the Underworld.
She also holds the power to lead them out, to accompany her on her night wanderings.
In my personal experience, Hekate is a protector of animals, especially dogs.
I have heard many an experience of a long-missing dog, returned safely home, after it’s owner has petitioned Hekate.
I regularly ask her blessings for my own, much-loved, canine companion.
I have also had a strange experience with the return of a cat, missing from home, when a fierce storm suddenly struck.
This cat, Garri, never strays far from the house, so I was worried she had become lost.
I sat at my altar, and petitioned Hekate for the safe return of the cat.
Not five minutes later, I sense something, so open the door.
Here is the cat, on the doorstep, not a drop of rain on her, despite the downpour and everything else being soaked.
I had to give my thanks that day!

I love working with Hekate, she has provided me with some awe-inspiring encounters.
She is not a shy Goddess, her presence is always strongly felt.
Some encounters, particularly during the dark moon, are very intense.
During the waxing and full moon, her presence is lighter, sometimes even playful.
Being my ‘Lady Of The Altar’, I give my devotions to Hekate on a daily basis.
Since she first appeared to me, my life has certainly changed for the better.
Like a lot of Hekate’s devotees, she came to me during a time of crisis, of being ‘at the crossroads’, so to speak.
In times of darkness, she shines her torches and leads the way out, and this she has done for me.

Hekate does tend to have a bad reputation, and I don’t really understand this.
I have had some pretty intense experiences with her, sometimes in meditation, but more often in Shamanic work.
Sometimes these encounters can be frightening, but there is always a purpose to it, I have gained something valuable, some deep insight or knowledge.
Hekate tends to work inwardly, and a lot of times, with aspects of ourselves we may not necessarily like.
But how can we grow and change for the better if we don’t acknowledge and face the darkest aspects of ourselves?
Don’t be frightened away, but look within, find the purpose among the horrible and you will be rewarded for it.
More often, she comes to me more gently, a soft knowing, a flash of intuition, a gut feeling.
Hekate herself is solitary.
So she is the perfect guide for the solitary witch, leading them on towards great understanding.
She holds the keys to the mysteries, to knowledge of the self and to the esoteric.
I have a ‘Charge of The Dark Goddess’ in my Book of Shadows, which states, “Close your eyes my child and call to me, for I am there, within your darkness”.
The truth of Hekate is held within this statement.
She resides within, a guide of the heart and the soul, of walking our own path, of finding our way through the darkness and towards the light.

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