Magpies and Memories


We get a lot of Magpies come to visit. 
They can be hard to photograph, because they don’t stay in the one place for too long.
But occasionally I am lucky enough to get a good picture.


They seem to really enjoy the rain and can often be seen frolicking in a downpour.

I have a soft spot for these birds.
Before my Pop, Sonny, died, he used to feed them every morning, without fail.

He had a few special ones which he had named.
One had the moniker of ‘Beakless’, having lost most of his beak somewhere along the way.
Pop’s daily feeds were probably the only thing that kept that bird alive.

It got so that the backyard was getting a bit overrun by magpies, and these birds were bold!
They would even pinch food off your plate at barbecues!
My daughter was very young then, but she soon learnt not to take food outside, unless she wanted the magpies to get it.

Now, every time I see them, I always spare a thought to that amazing man. 
I miss you, Pop.

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