Winter Growth


Winter has truly arrived, the weather is atrocious!
I’m going to spend this squalling winter day inside, not straying too far from the heater.

I am still working on my Book of Shadows, transferring the stuff I have found useful, from my old Book of Whimsy.
This is the advantage of starting a new book every so often.
I collect so many notes and bits from all over the place, some I use constantly, some are handy, some are useless.
So, each new book becomes more personal, more powerful, as I weed out the un-necessary and add the things that have worked for me, adding my own twists as I go.


At each turn of the year passes I gather more of my own observances and knowledge, the things that are real to me, because I have lived them.
Each Sabbat entry grows as the great wheel turns, adding traditions, rituals and seasonal symbology.

A Book of Shadows is a living thing, growing and changing with the seasons.
Nurturing this Book, this tome, this journal, is one of the true pleasures of this path.

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