Full Moon In Sagittarius

Last night’s full moon was, as usual, mystical and magickal.
A fine lacework of fast-moving cloud, made the night sky look so darkly beautiful, it took my breath away.


I got a lucky break this Esbat, as it wasn’t too cold, surprising for a winter’s night, and tonight it is bucketing down rain, so outdoor rites would have been impossible.

This was my first Esbat celebration with the addition of a roaring fire bucket centre circle.
The fire-light certainly contributed to the atmosphere of my sacred space, lending it’s magick, and certainly, the heat of a good fire.
An addition of light and heat made for a more celebratory atmosphere as well.


Laying beside the fire, feeling a deep connection to the earth below and the glowing moon above, I felt the true magick of the witch.
To be in the circle, surrounded by the elements, is a feeling that is hard to describe to one that has never experienced it.
It is such a deep connection, a unity of the soul.
Truly knowing you are a part of the earth, the universe, that it is a part of you.


I always come away from the circle feeling the deepest sense of peace and belonging.
It is why I follow this path, that feeling of ease and connection.
It brings the surety that there is more to our lives, a purpose to our living and dying.
It is not hope, it is knowing.
That is magick.


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