Merry Esbat


The full moon is so breathtakingly beautiful tonight!

There is a lot of talk about the moon being full on Friday the 13th.
But for all intents and purposes, tonight is the night, Thursday the 12th.
The moon will reach it’s peak at 2.30 pm on the Friday, but by the time it has risen, here in Australia, it will already have begun to wane.

This is why a good moon calendar, or app, is essential for today’s witch; you have to know the time the moon hits full illumination, after that time, you are working with it’s darker aspect.

The picture is of my kitchen window-sill, the only window in my house that faces the rising moon.
Each Esbat, after moon rise, I light these candles, one for each aspect of the lunar cycle.

Tonight will be wonderful, as I can again take my rites outside.
Being winter, it has been too cold and I have been driven indoors.
To counteract this, I recently purchased a fire pit.
This will be my first winter moon complete with the warmth and light of fire.

A merry Esbat to you all!

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