Path To The Angel


Looking to gain some insight into myself, I laid this spread, using only the Major Arcana.
The cars are from the Witches Tarot, my favorite deck.
It was immediately clear that my spiritual path is the focus of this reading.

In the position of ‘You’, is the High Priestess, the seeker of the mysteries.
She who looks within for the answers, the solitary practitioner.

The Empress lies in the position of ‘The Problem’.
Here is the need to spend more time in nature, to commune with the Goddess, the earth.
Something I know I need to do more of.

The Hierophant comes in under ‘Your Fears and Weaknesses’.
This likely refers to my dislike of organized religion, or pre-packaged spirituality.
I am a solitary by choice, not having much trust or faith in other people, I prefer to go it alone.
Of course, the solitary path is a difficult, and sometimes lonely one.
Instead of drawing on the knowledge of those more experienced, every advancement is hard won, through study and trial and error.

At ‘Your Hopes’, sits The Emperor.
The hope of stability and meaning.
A solid belief and practice that will see me through the good and bad times in life.
I think this is something we all can aim for on any path that we choose.

The Moon, in the position of ‘Past Influences’.
Here is my calling. That first stirring of wanting more, of learning, seeking, knowledge.
This is the Dark Goddess, calling to me one Samhain day.
A call I heeded, that has bought me to where I am today.

Lastly, Temperance, my ‘Outcome’.
What more could I wish for, than the comfort and balance of the angel of temperance awaiting me.
I don’t believe this is a path that ever comes to an end, it is not known as the Spiral Path for nothing.
Yet, here is the reassurance that the way leads to great joy, comfort and love.

Temperance could also be looked at as the card of the adept.
She mixes her potion to perfection, all elements coming together in perfect harmony.
Temperance is a blessing, a goal, a sign that I have made the right choice, this path is the right one for me.

There is so much meaning within this spread, more than I can possibly write here.
Majors only spreads typically give me months of food for thought, and this one is no exception.

After I had interpreted this spread, I shuffled the Minor Arcana and laid a card, in each position, over the Major cards.
This gave me the insight of how the major factors fit in to, and affect, my daily life.
This is a great way to perform a reading on those big questions, keeping the big picture seperate from the everyday, then merging them to see how it all interacts.
I highly recommend this method of reading, it made it all so clear.

Laying the Minors overtop, also gave me the root cause of any problems.
For instance, the Ten of Wands overlaid The Empress.
I have too much on my plate to get out and enjoy nature.
This tells me I need to prioritize, focus on what is important.
At the very least, lay aside some time each week to go to the park, the river, just to get out and get some fresh air. 

This spread comes from The Streampunk Tarot, the Panoramic Photo.
It is a snap shot of your present moment, and the influences that affect it.
This was my first time using this spread, it definitely won’t be the last.
It gave me such a simple, but perfectly spot on reading, just what I look for in a spread.
This is one I will be adding to my usual repotoire.

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