Scrapbooking my Book of Shadows, Update

Finally found the time to do some more work on my new Book of Shadows today. 
Now that the ‘fabulous fabric’ has arrived, I can start work on the cover.
But first, I needed to work on the insides of the folder, as the fabric will wrap around. 
This is what I came up with:


Autumn leaves.
Since I have been drying and pressing leaves this Autumn, I decided to incorporate them into my book, and they look amazing.
I covered the page with contact, rather grudgingly, but for obvious reasons.
The contacting went surprisingly well.
Through bitter experience, I have found that contact is not my friend.
But today’s contacting job went off without a hitch.


The back page is a breathtaking piece of art, I found while combing Pinterest for just the right thing to put here. 
Sadly, no artist was named.
This is the perfect picture for the back of my book, it speaks to me of knowledge, learning, experience and the Wheel of the Year.  Perfect.

I have the fabric cover ready to be stuck on, which I am hoping to get to tomorrow.
After a trip to my local fabric store, I have even placed a layer of foam as an underlay, to give the whole thing a more solid, substantial feel.

Here’s hoping I have further progress for you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking my Book of Shadows, Update

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  1. I love it! Is this a book of sacred spells? I realize I may have to do the same….
    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy hearing about your process 🙂 Continue to share you light, as even in my darkest days, your light can shine for both of us.


    1. Yes, it will hold spells, rituals and all of my magickal information. I highly recommend putting in the effort to create a beautiful Book of Shadows, I am enjoying the process as much as I am the results.


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