Lady of the Altar

Hecate is now standing proudly, in her rightful place on my altar.

Hekate of The Crossroads
Hekate of The Crossroads

Last nights ritual went really well.

I spent a large amount of time in my circle.

It is said that time ceases to exist in sacred space, I would attest to this, hours go by, in what seems to me, to be a short amount of time.

The most important, and reverent, part of this ritual was placing Hekate.

I wanted this to be done just right, and put a lot of thought into this ritual.


I have always prefered to write my own rituals, it makes them so much more powerful, when all words and actions flow from the heart.

I didn’t intend to raise much power last night, but I must be gaining in power, as it took me a long time to ground all the excess energy.

Next time, I will brave the cold and go outside and touch earth, grounding inside just doesn’t work as well.

I feel a bit flat this morning, a ritual hangover, directly caused from insufficient grounding.

It’s definitely worth the time, and cold, to ensure you have properly grounded all energies raised, back into the earth.

Magick of the Full Moon
Magick of the Full Moon

Last nights moon felt powerful, so tonight’s energy will be amazing.

I am really excited about my first Rite of Her Sacred Fires tonight.

This has been a very busy full moon for me, two big rituals in two nights.

I usually space it out between the new moon and the full, there is just so much I want to get done this lunar month.

A very busy witch, indeed.



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