Daily Tarot


My last draw from the Halloween Tarot, now that Samhain has passed, I’m ready to change it up to a new deck. Though I will miss the whimsical energy of these cards, this deck has quickly become a firm favorite with me.

Today we have the Seven of Imps and Knight of Pumpkins.

The Seven of Imps brings us a bit of a challenge. There is sense of uncertainty and the knowledge that we are taking a risk in tackling this endeavor. The Imp leading the trek is pointing out, to his fellow hikers, that nothing is ever gained without risk.
They have the ability to tackle the climb, they just need to have faith in their ability to do so.

The Knight of Pumpkins is a steady, reliable kind of guy. He is young, but not so young that the inexperience of youth is a disadvantage.
He is dependable, patient, efficient and not one to shy away from hard work.
His detriment, is his tendency to get bogged down in the details. He gets so caught up in planning every minute detail and devising for every possible problem, he never quite gets around to putting all that theory into practise!

There looks to be a bit of adventure ahead here. The chance to take on something that will be memorable and rewarding. Just as in the image on the Seven of Imps, I get the sense of hiking and even mountain climbing. Both of these things require stamina, patience, preparation and hard work. Fortunately, these qualities are the Knight of Pumpkins’ strongest traits.

Maybe your ‘mountain’ is something a bit more mundane, like facing something that frightens you, or confronting your fear of failure.
The sense of achievement after having faced your fears head on, will far outweigh the initial apprehension.

These cards tell you to put your fears aside and go for it. You are more than capable of achieving your dreams, so long as you can put your fears aside and have faith in your ability to conquer any difficulties that may arise.

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