Shades of Hecate


The early stages of my new ‘Folder of Shadows’ is coming along, even better than I had at first envisioned. Now it is starting to come together, I can see the possibities are quite endless.

Apart from some initial decoration, I will leave a lot of blank space on the pages, such as these pages on the mythology of Hecate. Blank space gives me room to grow, to add those extra bits and pieces as they enchant me.

I think this was a bit of an oversight with my original book, I left no room to grow, to document new insights and discoveries, Although it has become quite a hefty volume, connected notes and information are spread haphazardly throughout it’s pages. It is definitely time to edit and condense and, this time round, make it something that is genuinely magickal and special.

                                                                    The Evolution of a Book of Shadows

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