Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Seven of Bats and Two of Bats.

The Seven of Bats has been making itself known these past few weeks, I just can’t work out it’s significance.
Just in case, I have been taking extra care to ensure I lock my house and car, when I am away from them. (Yet, I have to wonder if their is a connection with my bank card strangely disappearing today.)
Although, being in the airy realm of bats, signifying intellect and communication, this is more likely to be the theft of ideas.
The seven of Bats denotes theft, cunning, deception, caution, and independant thinking.

The Two of Bats represents choice, indecision, truces and consideration. Here, a decision needs to be made, but you are sitting on the fence, just hoping it will all go away. Bad news, the hard choices are going nowhere, the situation will only get worse. Bite the bullet and pick your path.

But add the Seven of Bats to this and I see the need for very careful consideration. Rushing in to a decision is not a good idea right now. You are advised to take your time and consider all sides of the situation.
There is also something here that you are not yet aware of. Wait that little bit longer and see what else, or who else, pops up into this dilemma.

It would also be a good idea to seek other opinions here as well. There is another way of approaching the situation, but you are too emotionally involved to see it.
Seeking the opinion of someone who is completely impartial could open your eyes to avenues you have not yet considered. This valuable viewpoint will likely come from someone you least expect.
Opening your eyes and your mind will be of help in this regard.

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