Hecate’s Gift

Well, we’re almost there. Samhain is only 20 hours away!

My favorite Sabbat, and one I put a lot of thought and effort into. My house and altar are ready, so bring it on!

Hecate's Gift
Hecate’s Gift

I made this decidedly witchy looking mobile, from bones and feathers I have collected. The bones mysteriously appeared, on a natural altar in a tree, right at the top of my driveway.

Bones, crossroads, Samhain, I think I was paid a visit from Hecate herself. So I took them and made this to hang by my front door. The herb at the top is Mugwort, recently harvested from my garden. Mugwort is sacred to Hecate and aids dreams and visions. It is a key ingredient is Witches flying ointment, probably due to its hallucinatory properties.

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  1. Hi! Where do you live? So interested in this holiday, but I think your seasons are opposite of mine. I live in California, where I think this holiday is in October, when fall is beginning and winter is approaching. Am I correct?


    1. Yes, you are correct. I live in Australia, so we reverse the Sabbats according to the seasons. We are in full Autumn, or Fall, here now. Where you would be on or close to the season of Beltane, the Festival of the height of Spring.


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