Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, The Hermit and Seven of Bats.

The Hermit is about looking within, of removing yourself from the run of everyday life and using that time to seek inner and wider truths. He embodies reflection, meditation and knowledge.
Sometimes this solitary lifestyle is forced upon us, other times it is chosen. But no matter how you get the, the common thread is learning and understanding. Of using your time apart from the world to contemplate the mysteries of yourself and the universe.

Again, the Seven of Bats. This card seems to be appearing a lot lately.
As well as it’s more common meaning of theft and deception, the Seven of Bats speaks of someone who is independant and able to think outside the box. He is skilled at using his strategic mind to overcome any obstacles in his path. He is very wilful, determined and street smart. Im a sticky situation, this is the guy, or girl, you want on your side. Just don’t make an enemy of this person.

This combination has really had me scratching my head. Yet, I have found the best way to overcome Tarot blocks such as these, is to simply look for the common ground in the given cards. Here, that would be independence.

It is time to set out on your own, to forge your own path and seek the answers that ring true to you personally. You study and learn much easier when you do it alone anyway.
Maybe you have hit a bit of a wall in your search for enlightenment or your studies. Think outside the box and try some different ways of learning. If you normally study in groups, or are a member of a coven, try setting out on your own, being a solitary. You might find the answers have beenthere all along, yet you just haven’t discovered them, the noise of the group is drowning out your own individual ways of thinking.

You are a very independant person, who really doesn’t mind being alone, in fact, you probably prefer it. Use this time to read books you normally wouldn’t. Try different ways of doing things.

You could even use this time to yourself to learn a new skill, or start a new hobby. There are a lot of possibilities, just open your mind and cast your net. You never know what you might catch.

It is interesting that the Hermit appears so close to Samhain, a time of drawing inward, exploring inner landscapes and seeking growth and enlightenment.

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