Daily Tarot


Drawn from the Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot, the Knight of Wands and The Chariot.

The Knight of Wands is action, energy, determination and lust. He is a young, fiery and passionate person, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He has limitless energy and is unstoppable once he has set his mind to something. When he has somewhere to direct this abundant energy, all is well. Without direction he is an impulsive risk-taker, who can easily get himself into trouble.

The Chariot pairs well with our fiery Knight. Here also, is plentiful drive, determination and energy. The Chariot gives the Knight a positive spin, giving him the intense focus he so badly needs.
In The Chariot, the Knight has found his passion, something to direct his restless energy into.

The cards give me a strong impression of both speed and strength. Knights represent teenagers and young adults. If you have a young person who has a license or has just bought his (or her) first car, be sure he understands the consequenses of fast and unsafe driving and moniter him carefully. If you have any misgivings, take away his keys!

My other impression is of action oriented sports, such as football, or race car driving. Any sport that requires a lot of drive, focus, stamina, energy and passion.

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