Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, the Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pumpkins.

A double of Pumpkins, or Pentacles, places us firmly in reality. The suit of Pumpkins is all things material, or that which you can touch. Pumpkins is your house, belongings, money and your body.
Here is a need to focus on the basics, your budget or your health. Take care to eat well and look after yourself. The Nine suggests money is not a worry, but reckless spending is never a good idea.

The Queen of Pumpkins is the Goddess of the hearth. She takes great pride in her home and her family. Her house is tidy, her husband fed and her children well dressed.
This Queen is very creative, but in a practical sense. She indulges her creativity with cooking hearty meals, cake decorating, sewing, knitting or making beautiful things for her home.
She takes good care of herself as well, her hair is always shining, her clothes fashionable and her nails are done. She enjoys her luxuries and isn’t afraid to spoil herself, as she is comfortably well off.

The Nine of Pumpkins is very alike the Queen. She is abundance, luxury, leisure and self-sufficiency. She is well off and has all that she needs. She revels in all that she has, her home is her castle. She has a deep affinity with nature and loves to be surrounded by it’s riches.

I have pretty much described myself here, both these cards resonate with me strongly. I identify with the Queen of Pentacles and the Nine describes my situation quite well.
These cards describe someone well off, creative and happy in their own skin. There is not much that worries her, she has all that she wants in life, and is very self-sufficient. She is happy to be alone. She has friends but leads a fairly solitary life, surrounding herself only with her immediate family.
She has a strong affinity with nature and natural cycles and is most likely Pagan.
Very hands on, she spends her spare time immersed in creating beautiful things.
She is practical and loyal, and will stick by her friends and family through thick and thin.

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