Daily Tarot

Halloween Tarot
Halloween Tarot


The Ace of Pumpkins is a seed with potential for growth and great success. The Aces are all very positive cards, and Pumpkins being of the element of Earth, this Ace indicates material and physical aspects.

The Six of Ghosts (Cups) is focused on the past. It is where you’ve been, where you have come from, where it all began. This card encourages you to look to the past to find the solutions and the answers that you seek.

Combine the two and the seeds of growth are rooted in the past. Look to your childhood for hobbies and interests that have been forgotten along the way.

This could also indicate an exercise routine. Finding it hard to get the exercise you need? What did you do as a kid? Where you part of a sport team? Rode horses?

It could be your future enterprise is something you once started, but got laid aside and forgotten. It would be worth your while to rediscover the joys and passions of childhood, what made you tick back then? Reconnect with days gone by and you may just find your next big success for the future.


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