Daily Tarot


Brought to you by the Halloween Tarot, Seven of Bats and Nine of Pumpkins.

The Seven of Bats is not the greatest of cards, denoting theft, cunning and deception, as well as the need to take precautions against these things. Although, residing in the realm of Swords, this ‘theft’ is more likely to come in the form of ideas or your work.
It’s not all bad though, here is also someone who is independant, street smart and able to think outside of the box. They know what they want and they know how to get it.

The Nine of Pumpkins is a beautiful card, representing abundance, luxury, leisure, self-sufficiency and being in touch with nature. Here is someone enjoying the fruits of their labors. They have a beautiful home, and love spending time in it’s surrounds. This is someone who prefers to keep to themselves, enjoying their own company and that of their family.

If you have a lot in life, a nice home, car, possessions, there will always be those that will covet your good fortune. Those that are jealous of all you have, the luxuries you enjoy.
Beware of who you invite in to your home, or your life. It really wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful in locking up before you leave your house either. With the influence of the Seven of Swords, you never know what shady characters are lurking nearby.
Just be extra vigilant with home security today.

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