Daily Tarot


Drawn from the Halloween Tarot, Six of Pumpkins and The Wheel of Fortune.

The Six of Pumpkins is a card of charity. It is generosity, prosperity, abundance and giving back to the community. It represents both sides of the equation, receiving as well as giving.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the rising and falling of our luck and fortunes. Somedays you’re on top, somedays you’re down and out.
If you find yourself atop the wheel, put some of that good fortune to the side, prepare for the down times.
If you feel you are at the bottom, know that your luck will soon change and better days are ahead.

In this combination, I get a feeling of Karma. You get back what you give out.
Never knock back an opportunity to increase your good karma, give what you can, lend a hand when the opportunity presents itself.
Help out someone who is struggling or experiencing hard times and it is certain somebody will do the same for you when it is most needed.
What goes around comes around, and when it does, make sure that it is a good thing.

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