Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Strength and Seven of Bats.

The Strength card was traditionally know as Fortitude. If a time came when I felt ready to design my own deck, I think I would revert to the old ways on that one.
Collins Dictionary defines Fortitude as: “Courage in adversity or pain.” That is the true essence of the Strength card. It is not brute, masculine strength; but the quiet, inner fortitude of women.

Seven of Bats is a card of theft, cunning and deception. Here is someone who is far less than honorable.

In these two cards I can see dealings with a shifty individual. It is going to take a great deal of that fortitude to deal with this person and the situation they are creating for you.
Appearing alongside the Strength card, I would deduce that this is a person that is close to you. They are dangerous in their cunning and sneaky ways, and this has had you completely fooled until now. Yet, they are about to slip up, be caught red-handed, so-to-speak.

The exposure of this person is going to cause you a great deal of pain. Yet, with some love and understanding, you may well be able to get to the root of their behaviour, even help them to turn their life around. This will take a great deal of love and patience, but with the fortitude of the Stength card behind you, you will make it through this difficult time and emerge stronger and wiser in the bargain.

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