Daily Tarot


Drawn from the Halloween Tarot, the Page of Bats and Ten of Imps.

The Page of Cups is like a young child going through the ‘why?’ Stage. Constantly questioning and exploring, gathering knowledge as they go. The page of Bats is curious, talkative and enthusiastic to explore and learn about the world around them. As a Page, they are young and inexperienced. Combined with their innate sense of curiosity, this can sometimes lead them into trouble.

TheTen of Wands is the workaholic, taking on too much and buckling under the pressure. There is a need to learn to prioritize and delegate responsibility, you take everything on yourself and expect to stay on top of it all.

In these two cards I see a need to focus. Spreading your time and energy so thinly only leads to shoddy workmanship and feeling stressed and worn out. This could apply to a student that has taken on too much. They are not performing as well as they could be, it is just all too much and getting on top of them.
Try cutting back the workload, or offloading some of the responsibility. You will find your stress levels will drop and your performance will increase. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
If cutting back is impossible, be sure to take time out. All work, all the time will only lead to burnout. Give yourself time to play and enjoy life.

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