Daily Tarot


Drawn by my Husband, from Halloween Tarot. The Ace of Ghosts and Page of Pumpkins.

I had a very vivid dream last night, and was shown two definite cards, Strength and Ace of Cups. I have yet to explore the meaning of this, but I wasn’t surprised when this Ace showed up in my daily draw today.

The Ace of  Ghosts (Cups) is abundant and overflowing. Filled to the brim with love, creativity and inspiration. There is a lot of emotion and intuition held within the Ace of Ghosts. This is definitely connected to the vivid and meaningful dreams of the last few nights. Working with Hecate seems to have this effect, she loves to manifest in the subconscious.

The Page of Pumpkins (Pentacles), used to pop up a lot in conjunction with my Husband. Though, since he has started a new job, he tends to appear as The Emperor. I believe he has reverted while he is on his holiday break!

This Page is the card of the home handyman, mowing lawns and general duties around the yard. In their youth, the Pages hold little responsibility or commitment, tending more to what makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Working outdoors and with their hands is the forte of the Pumpkins court cards. Think of the part-time job you held as a teenager, this is the kind of thing the Page of Pumpkins represents. This energy sums up my holidaying Husband quite well.

Again, our loved up, laid back weekend dominates the cards. Though, there is definitely deeper meaning in that Ace. Some trance work is in order for my dream sent cards, it was certainly a message, a very clear and vivid one at that.

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