Daily Tarot

Drawn from the Witches Tarot, Knight of Pentacles and The Magician.


The Knight of Pentacles is slow, steady progress. Unlike the other Knights, he doesn’t act with haste, but consideration and well thought out action. He does have a tendancy to become bogged down in the details though, slowing his progress to a halt.


The Magician is actualization, drawing ideas from the ether and making them a reality. He has the energy and the will to see his projects through to completion.

Combine the two and we see a strong will to succeed, to make your dreams a reality. This won’t be accomplished by rushing in, but rather, by planning and careful strategizing. Sit down and draw up a plan of attack, and a timetable for any milestones along the way. Have a plan B, and for good measure, a plan C. Yet, with the influence of The Magician, if you have the skill and determination, success is assured. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight, slow and steady is the key.

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