Witches Tarot

The Pagan imagery of the Witches Tarot
The Pagan imagery of the Witches Tarot

The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan is, hands down, my favorite deck. I use it for personal readings as well as reading for others. I can really connect with the imagery and when I am using these cards, my interpretations really flow. This was the deck that took me to the next level of Tarot, where I could put all the books and references aside and work directly with the cards.

Witches Tarot is a beautiful deck. The Court cards really come alive, I can feel the energy of each as I study them, they have a life of their own. Look into the Page of Cups and remember just how it felt to be a child. A carefree and imaginative child, running free along the beach, filled with curiosity and delight.
Gaze into the eyes of the Queen of Wands and feel her passion and sensuality run through your veins.

The Christian symbolism of Rider Waite has been done away with all together, though the structure is the same. The overtly Christian cards of the Major Arcana have been overhauled. The Angel of Temperance has become Isis, Goddess of the Rainbow. The Hierophant is now The High Priest, Judgement has become Karma. The Devil, being an entirely Christian concept, is depicted as The Shadow Side, the dark side of human nature.
Others are adjusted to the Wiccan theme. Wheel of Fortune – Wheel of the Year, and the Green Man (Oak King) is featured as The World.

Having never subscribed to The Moon as fear and madness, I love that this card has been transformed. Here is Hecate, in her maiden guise. Accompanied by wolves, she bears her torch, ready to lead and guide you through the darkness, the mysteries.

The Minor Arcana, staying with the traditional suits, are all fully illustrated and as richly symbolic as the Major Arcana.

This is a deck I would recommend to anyone, from beginner to the highly experienced. If you are a Witch or Pagan, you will get a lot out of this deck. Work with it to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself, your craft and the Tarot.

You don’t have to identify as a Witch to use this deck. I find it is very literal and the illustrations are easy to connect with and interpret. The removal of Christian imagery makes it an ideal deck for those that have issues with, or just don’t understand, Christian teachings.

The accompanying book is a great reference, containing short descriptions and keywords for each card. There are also reversed interpretation keywords. I have discovered some new spreads here, the Triple Goddess and Elements spreads have become firm favorites. The spellwork guide for Tarot, is another good resource. The quick reference numerology and symbol guide are invaluable. Witches Companion is the book I reach for first when I need a quick reference.

The Witches Tarot is my most highly recommended deck. This deck chose me and has taught me so much about Tarot. It is a very special deck of cards.

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