Our new kitten, Garri. 

We found this poor little girl, alone and scared, just before our ghost hunt the other night. We had pulled into a track with the idea of passing the time, maybe getting some photos, while waiting for it to get dark.

Getting out the car, we heard some, obviously distressed, meowing.  Walking towards the sound, we found this kitten, who was very glad to see us. Unable to find a rescue or vet to take her, we’ve decided to take her in.


It has been a bit of a challenge, Leo, our Staffy, is not too happy about the new addition. Though we are hoping they will soon get used to each other, hopefully even become friends.

She is a good little kitten, and seemingly very grateful, to now have a home to call her own. When we pick her up, she immediately starts purring.


Welcome to the family Garrison! 

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