Daily Tarot


One of my favorite cards, Death is not associated with physical death and dying, but endings and transformation.

Change is a constant throughout life, and is usually forced, unwillingly, upon us. It is not until later, that we can see this change was for the better. All things, whether good or bad, will inevitably be taken from us. Yet if we can learn to let go, to surrender our fates to the universe, this process can become a lot less painful.

What is something that is currently present in your life that no longer serves you? A destructive relationship, harmful habit, or restricting belief? This is something you know you would be better of without, yet still refuse to let go of. Without change we stagnate, stop growing and developing. Hold onto these useless old habits for too long, and the universe will intervene and remove them for you.

Sometimes this loss can be sad and painful, or you can see it as just another necessary change of direction, making way for new growth, a new path.

Trust the universe and let go.


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