Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is the card of the warrior. One that is courageous,  prepared to stand strong for what they believe in. They don’t do it for the glory or accolades, they fight because it is right.

I recently came across a post on Facebook.
A survivor of breast cancer, baring her treatment ravaged body to the world. 
Her womanly shape, scarred and disfigured, she nevertheless holds herself with pride, inferring that although she no longer met the standard of beauty, that is so relentlessly forced upon women of all ages, she was proud of her body and the battle it had overcome.
She had fought and she had won.

Now wearing her battle scars with pride, with a stubborn refusal to hide her body in shame, she seeks to inspire other women.
Not only in the fight against cancer, but against the stereotype of female beauty, the expectations of perfection.

These photos, this woman, and countless others like her, are the embodiment of the Nine of Wands. Refusing to lie down in defeat,  refusing to be shamed into keeping their bodies hidden. These women are the true warriors.  Women that fight for their honor and self-worth,  and that of all other women like them.

Under the Red Dress

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