Seven of Cups

Every morning I draw a card for myself. This is useful as it reveals the energy of the day ahead. The Seven of Cups is a good example of this. The following is an excerpt from my daily Tarot journal:

“I know the true feeling of this card after today. Unfocused, hectic and scattered energy.  I had so much I wanted to achieve. I worked all day and in the end had nothing to show for it!

My grand idea for the day was to whip up a quick bag for my new Tarot cards, something I have made several times in the past, with great success. Thinking I could get this out-of-the-way and get on with my main project, I set to work.

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups – Courtesy of Witches Tarot.

Well! I made two bags, both somehow too small and good for nothing. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Under the influence of the Seven of Cups , I was full of plans and ideas but achieved nothing. I should have given it away earlier, when it was obvious it was just going to be “one of those days”.  Instead I wasted the entire day, seemingly not able to get anything right. 

At least now I understand the underlying energies of this card.”

Now when this card appears in my daily reading, I take the day off, knowing full well that anything technical will likely be a write off. A good day to take my dog to the park instead.


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