The Chariot

The Chariot is a card of movement, fast and furious. It is also a card of victory. Of setting your sights on a goal and going for it, letting nothing get in your way.  Of having the determination and self-discipline to see the project through to a successful completion.

The Chariot is a gladiator, a warrior. He is brave, passionate, determined and fixated on winning the race at all costs. The horses he drives have a mind of their own, each wanting to go their separate ways. We see this in their opposing colors, one black, one white. This opposing force manifests as distractions, self-doubt and negative thinking.  Yet, our warrior drives them on, pulling them together in tandem. He does not use physical reins, just the pure force of will alone. He directs his desire only with the wand he holds, the wand of the The Magician, who is also about asserting skill and determination. He is well armored, ready for any and all of the trials that await him on his journey.  This is a card of will, determination and conviction. I also connect this card with Strength. The Chariot is about male power. Muscular, physical strength. Outer strength and pure brute force. Where the Strength card is that passive, quiet inner strength of women. 

The Chariot from the Witches Tarot
The Chariot from the Witches Tarot

The Chariot is also a card of contradiction, connected with both the sun and the moon, with day and with night. In the Rider deck, the chariot is pictured un-moving, yet this card is all about movement. In this way, it can be confusing. I think of this as a need to focus. To focus on the one thing you want to achieve and work for it. Scattering your energies at this time will get you nowhere. Your horses will pull off on their separate paths, leaving you going nowhere. To win this race and overcome the challenges and obstacles along the way, your attitude needs to be positive and focused to keep the momentum going.

The Chariot says you will be successful with your chosen goals, but you need to be determined and confident in your abilities. The warrior doesn’t question his skills, he enjoys putting them to use, knowing he will win out if he is bold, brave and unflinching.

Stamina should also be a focus. Can you keep up this cracking pace for as long as it takes? When you come up against tough competition? If you want it bad enough, then the answer is yes, you can. Just don’t expect it to be a walk in the park.

Negatively, The Chariot can signal being too focused, too set on the one goal, leaving other parts of your life untended. It may be important to be good at your job, but are you neglecting your family to do it? This could apply to many areas of life.

To me, The Chariot is about setting a challenge or goal for yourself and working towards it, unerringly, until you have accomplished it. This could be a creative project, a weight loss regime, a promotion at work. This card says, if you want it bad enough, you will be triumphant.

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