The Moon

Witches Tarot - XVIII The Moon
Witches Tarot – XVIII The Moon

Until yesterday, I wouldn’t have associated this card with death.  With the passing of my Aunt yesterday, I asked the cards for some guidance, and drew The Moon. Death would be the obvious card on first thought. But Death is so final. It is an end, nothing more.

The Moon though, in this deck is the Goddess Hecate.  She stands proud, ready, with her flaming torch to guide the departed soul through this shadowy landscape. This gave me so much comfort. To me it says there was someone there to meet her, to guide her soul on to where it needs to be. Hecate herself, or a departed family member? Your guess is as good as mine, but I tend to sway towards The Goddess. It is Hecate who leads the way, the way to those she loved, to lead her soul home.

Hecate is the Goddess of the waning moon. The moon and its cyclic nature speaks of reincarnation. The moon is waning, dark, but it will soon return to shine in its former glory.

Such a wonderful card for the death of a loved one. After meditating on this card last night, under the waning moon, I believe in my bones that there is a bigger picture. Death is not the end, it is only a transition, and Hecate will be there, with her hounds and torch burning bright, to lead the way.

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