In Loving Memory

As i remember her, coffee and a good gossip.
As i remember her, coffee and a good gossip.

My Aunt, Vonnie,  passed away yesterday.  She had been ravaged by cancer and lost her quality of life. She was the kind of woman who worked hard all her life. She cared for her family and friends selflessly and never complained about her lot. She baby-sat kids for many years, and had probably looked after the whole of the towns children, and then their children.

Vonnie was not at all materialistic, she had little, but it was enough for her. Good company, laughter and a hefty serve of gossip. She loved a good gossip and knew everything that went on in her hometown, and if she didn’t know, she’d soon find out!

Another memory I have of her, her hair. It was a family joke that her hair was always perfectly set. We’d be driving along in the car, windows down, hair blowing in the wind. Her hair would be perfectly still, not a strand out-of-place. The hairspray industry might well go broke now! Cause I swear she must have went through that stuff by the box full.

When my parents split up, she was there for my sister and I. She made a very difficult time easier.   Her death also reminds us that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and it is a shame that the family had fallen out for several years prior to this. Half of them not speaking to each other drove a wedge through the family. It took something like this to bring them all back together again. Sad thing is, it is too late now.


Her Mother, my Grand- mother, is 90 years old. Poor Gran has had too much loss in her life. Her Son, her Husband and now her Daughter. She also leaves behind five grown children and many grand-children, Death is hardest for those that are left behind.

But for me, I remember the good times. Joking around, laughing, always managing to turn the bad into something to laugh at.

Going over my memories of her, what really stands out, is laughter.   Jokes and laughter. That is a beautiful way to be remembered.  To be thought of as laughter itself, that is a life well lived. She would like that.

Auntie Kizzey, you will be missed. oxoxoxo

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  1. Oh Teash. You have me crying yet laughing at the same time. Such good memories of our school years hanging out with Von and Renae. Driving around. Havin a goss!


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