Nine of Swords


Like a lot of cards within the suit of Swords, the Nine is not a pleasant card.

Here are those sleepless nights, filled with endless worry about things you cannot do anything about at three o’clock in the morning.

Those nights when your mind won’t let you rest.

You lie in bed, the release of sleep eludes you.

Unable to settle and still your mind, which runs amok with negative thought, even to the extent of clinical depression.

You are filled with a deep, black despair and feel utterly helpless, unable to better your circumstances.

Any sleep you do manage to snatch is rife with nightmares.

Your nights are filled with endless and excessive worry.

You become caught in a vicious cycle, anguish and depression leads to insomnia.

In turn, chronic insomnia amplifies the anguish.

Every night becomes a hell to be endured.

You feel isolated and alone.


Only you can break this cycle, you need to regain control over your thoughts.

Understand that your mind is creating this grief, anger and fear.

You are likely being very hard on yourself.

If your best friend was in this situation, what would you say to them?


Look at your worries objectively, try to put them into perspective.

Will any of this matter in ten years time?

Or my favorite, go outside and look up at the stars.

Our concerns seem so small in the face of such vastness, such timelessness.

Learn to appreciate the small things in life, the everyday things we take for granted.


Swords are symbolic of thought and communication.

So try talking to a trusted friend, get it all off your chest.

If that isn’t possible, start a journal.

Any way in which you can unburden yourself will help.


I have chronic knee pain.

I have lived this card and know it’s energies all to well.

It took me a long time to come to terms with it, and a long time to learn to deal with it.

I am in a good place with it now.

Pain medication helps, but more so does positive thinking.


I was in a really bad space.

I had gone from a healthy young woman with lots of friends and a job I loved, to being completely isolated and bed bound.

I was in unrelenting pain.

It got to the point that I wanted out.

I wanted to die.

I could see no other way through, I had no quality of life, nothing to live for.

I had convinced myself my Husband and Daughter would be better off without me.


Then something happened.

I was on the phone to an old friend.

He is addicted to Meth, and has a very hard and sad life.

He told me how depressed and alone he was.

I asked him what kept him going.

His answer was so simple, I didn’t really understand it till later, what it really meant.

“We just have to be happy we are alive. Just be happy to be breathing. Every morning I wake up is something to be happy for. “

Those words were the beginning of my turn around.

Once I had begun to think like that, everything started to improve for me.

Eventually I realised that my negativity and self-pity were making the pain worse.


The power of positive thinking, it really does change things.

I also learnt to meditate.

Meditation is learning to control your thoughts.

Being able to shut off the endless chatter of the mind.

If you are in the midst of the Nine of Swords, learning this art will be of  immense help.


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