Night Magick

Night time.  Night magick

The night is dark, cloudy, the grass wet with dew and the days rain.
It is so very cold.
My breath plumes out before me, like fog upon the breeze.
Slowly, the darkness recedes, the path before me clear.
I look up in time to see the clouds part, revealing an inky black night sky, scattered with diamonds.
The beauty of the stars takes my breath away.  
I stand, looking upwards, in wonder and awe.
Those little pin pricks of light, shining through the cold dark night, so bright and so clear.

Again, the night glows lighter and I see more of my surroundings.  
The clouds speed by, opening another clearing.
The Moon.
Almost full, almost in her glory, pregnant and full.
So bright, so amazingly beautiful.
She illuminates the clouds and the earth below.
The ethereal beauty of her silvery body, awe inspiring beauty, sailing through the sky on this cold, wet night.

I feel I have been given a gift.  
The clouds parting like curtains, revealing this divine beauty to me.
I stand, transfixed, bathing in her magical glow.

The clouds streak by till, once again, the curtains are closed on this treasure of the night sky.
The true beauty of the night, cloaked in clouds and hidden from mortal sight.

Hail to the moon!


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