Element of Air.

Air is my wind chimes, tuneful and soothing. Singing their ethereal song on the afternoon breeze.
Air is the smoke of incense, scented clouds upon the air, becoming the air, impregnating the air with its delicate scent.
Air is the sound of the wind blowing around the eaves, sometimes gentle, sometimes howling with angst and fury.

Air blows in the storm and with it the rain.
Air blows them both away again, revealing a blue sky.
Air is the weather, the storm, the howling gale.
Air has the power to topple trees and the creations of man.
Wind can devastate and destruct.

2014-10-27 01.03.39

Standing into the wind is refreshing, invigorating, and sometimes cold, making you draw your coat tighter around yourself, your hair and clothes flapping in the blast.
During summer, air flows in from the west, hot, dry and harsh, carrying upon it the smell of smoke, summer bush fires.
The smell of the fire that it feeds, that which air gives life and devastating power too.

Air is refreshing, a cool breeze stirring the heat of the day, bringing some relief from the relentless sun.
In my modern home, air brings heat and warmth, keeping us comfortable, making our house a home.

Air is what we breathe, it is life.
Every breath from the first to the last, is air.
A baby is given life as it takes it’s first breath and life is taken back as we breathe our last.


Air teases the trees, light and playful on a summers day.
Air strips dead leaves from bare branches in autumn.
As the trees sway and blow in the wind, anything not secured goes tearing off, as if tossed by invisible hands.

Air is everywhere, all around us.
Air is the clouds in the sky, air is the sky.
Air is an eagle riding high above the earth on the thermal currents.

2013-11-12 14.40.59

Air is the wind, blowing delicately, or a roaring cyclone.
Air before the storm driving horses skittish and wild, running and bucking, delirious with energy.

Air is life, it is also death.
Air sends us scurrying for cover, as cyclonic winds rip through and destroy entire cities.
Air is tornadoes, scarring and demolishing the earth where they touch down.

Air carries upon it bacteria, virus, contagion.
The common cold and the plague.

Air is the wind, it is also stillness.
It sits in witness to deeds both kind and horrific.
Air is an eternal presence, sustaining us, surrounding us, caressing our skin.
It shapes the clouds , giving life to imagination.
It symbolizes thought, wisdom and word.
Air is every thought in our head, every word we speak.
It is whispered sweet nothings between lovers and the screaming argument between foes.
Air is how we relate to and understand each other.

Air is integral to us.
Life, breath, thought, speech, imagination.
Sky, cloud, warmth, scent.
Wind, wisdom and knowledge.
This is the Element of Air.

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